Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Boarding at Gover Valley Kennels & Cattery


  • All dogs must be fully inoculated against Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvovirus and Parainfluenza. Also they must have had a booster injection within the previous twelve months. Certificates must be produced on drop off.
  • All cats are required to be vaccinated against Feline: Chlamydia, Enteritis, Flu, and Leukaemia. Also they must have had a booster within the previous twelve months. Certificates must be produced on drop off.
  • Kennel cough inoculation is a necessity, although we are not responsible if your dog contracts Canine infectious bronchitis (Kennel Cough), as this is an airborne disease, no vet fees can be claimed for. When your dog(s) has this vaccination, it must be done at least 5 days prior to your pet’s arrival.
  • All dogs/cats must be covered by a known flea treatment, before they are boarded. These products have varying lengths of effectiveness. Animals that arrive with fleas will be administered such a product and you will be charged accordingly. We are not responsible if your dog catches fleas as it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that their animal(s) boarding with us are suitably covered.
  • In an emergency or illness, the kennels will contact the owner or his/her nominated contact. If no contact can be made then it will be left at the discretion of the management to the course of action. The provision of veterinary treatment will be provided by our designated vet (unless specified otherwise). Owners must declare any history of veterinary problems that could reoccur while boarding and to draw attention to any traits or vices their animal(s) may have.
  • The vet will be called / visited for my pet if for any reason what so ever or the staffs at Gover Valley Kennels and Cattery feel it necessary. I shall pay for all veterinary fees incurred for whatever reason, whether it is for injury or illness, when I collect my pet. Unless staff’s Gover Valley Kennels Cattery state otherwise. Whilst every possible care and attention is given to each animal(s) boarded at the kennels & cattery, we cannot be held responsible for loss, either from illness or other cause.
  • I give permission to Gover Valley Kennels & Cattery to sign, in my absence, for any emergency veterinary treatment as necessary whilst in the care of the kennels & cattery. I understand that Gover Valley Kennels & Cattery will make every effort to contact the emergency number I have supplied to give up to date information regarding any necessary medical care required by my animal(s).
  • I agree that Gover Valley Kennels & Cattery may contact the vets that my animal(s) are registered at for any details that are required or in case of an emergency.
  • Medication will be administered as instructed & signed by the owner. Gover Valley Kennels & Cattery will not be held responsible if there are any adverse reactions to prescribed medications.
  • Pregnant bitches and bitches in season are boarded at owner’s risk.

Collection & Drop off

  • Animals must be brought to and collected from the Kennels & Cattery during business hours.
  • We operate a appointment system for both arrival & collection, this is part of our ongoing Covid 19 procedures
  • Monday to Friday 9am – 11am & 3pm – 5pm.
  • Saturday & Sunday 9am – 12 noon & 4pm – 5pm.
  • Out of opening hours check in or check out a fee will be charged

Cancellations and payments

  • Boarding fees are payable in full at the time of collection before the removal of the animal(s) from the premises.
  • If it is your first time boarding your animal(s) with Gover Valley Kennels & Cattery, then the bill must be settled prior to arrival.
  • We reserve the right to revise our prices when necessary.
  • In the event of an animal(s) not being collected and boarding fees not being paid, the proprietor may find alternative arrangements for the animal concerned after giving 14 days notice to the owner, or his/her representative at their last known address.
  • Grooming, bathing, nail clipping, vet visits and transport are not included in boarding fees and are charged as an extra cost.
  • All animals(s) will be charged boarding for the day of arrival. If collected before we close in the morning on the date of departure, no charge will be made for that date.
  • Animal(s) arriving late will be charged from the original date of booking unless at least 14 days prior notification
  • Out of opening hours check in or check out a fee will be charged
  • 14 days prior notice must be given to cancel without charge.
  • If less than 14 days, the charges will be as follows: 8 – 13 days 20% of total bill, 1 – 7 days 50% of total bill and a complete no show with no notification results in the entire original bill being charged.

Other terms

  • Gover Valley Kennels & Cattery retains the right to refuse admission to any animal for whatever reason.
  • All beds, bedding and bowls are provided by Gover Valley Kennels & Cattery. Any items left by the owner are at their risk and Gover Valley Kennels will not be responsible for anything lost or damaged.
  • Dogs/cats from the same ownership / family sharing a kennel / chalet do so at the owner’s risk, we cannot be held responsible for any injury caused from one animal to another and the owner agrees to pay any additional fees if Gover Valley Kennels & Cattery feels they need to separate the animals.
  • Dogs must be on a lead at all times upon arrival and departure. We accept no responsibility for loss or injury outside our grounds. Collars must be secure and fitted with an identity disk.
  • All Pet are accepted, are at the owner’s risk.

Data Protection

Under the Animal Boarding Establishment Act 1963 and conditions of our Animal boarding license; the recording of your data is necessary for Gover Valley Kennels and Cattery to comply with the law, to assist in good animal care and in dialogue with your vet if necessary for the care of your pet.

  • By agreeing to our terms and conditions either by online booking form or signature , you agree that Gover Valley Kennels & Cattery may keep both your details and your animal(s) details on file, and they may use these details to contact you.
  • If you no longer wish your details to be held by Gover Valley Kennels & Cattery or you require a copy of the details held you may request these either in person or in writing.
  • Gover Valley Kennels & Cattery will notify you if any changes are made to the terms & Conditions for a new copy to be signed and kept on file.
  • Gover Valley Kennels & Cattery will not share your information with any other 3rd party other than Local Authority officers who have right to see your data and your vet who may need your emergency contact number and will probably crosscheck your address.
  • Any photos taken of pets whilst they stay with us can be used on our social media page’s, website and marketing materials unless customers tell us otherwise.
  • GVKC has full external CCTV coverage for your pet’s safety and security.
  • Dogs maybe let out in groups for socialization as seen fit by the staff’s at GVKC, unless you state otherwise, which will be shown on their run card located outside their kennel.

I hereby agree to the above terms and conditions for each time my animal(s) board with

Gover Valley Kennels and Cattery.